Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Hi Everyone,

Sorry I've been away for a few days. I had a bad cold for 3 days, saw a wrestling event on Saturday, and got into Salvia for the first time.

I found out on Monday when I went back to work, that the cute Asian girl was fired on the weekend. I hesitated too long to get her number. If you have good game and conversation skills, you should be able to get a number in no less than 5 minutes. My problem was I wanted to take the slow route. Another prime example of  not acting fast enough and another opportunity passing me by.

Apparently what had happened was another girl tried to act bossy to the Asian chick and the Asian chick told her to "Fuck Off!" really loud in front of customers. They fired both of them on the spot. Aww well, next time I know to not wait and act sooner.

Till next time.......

Friday, May 6, 2011

Wanna Know A Secret..?

 Have you ever wanted to date hotter women? Have you ever wanted to be like your friend who can attract women like there's no tomorrow? Then why wait, you can learn these techniques now!

If you haven't heard of Magic Bullets yet, then what rock are you living under? Magic Bullets is a must read for anyone who wants to not only become better with women, but to become more social as well. It's required reading for Love Systems Instructors and is proven to work. I personally went from having no game to 45% on a bad day and 65-70% on my best day. Of course I'm not a 100% yet, but that comes with more time and dedication.  For those who are curious, I'm gonna repost an article by Love Systems Founder Nick Savoy:

3 Dating Myths About Women

There are a lot of dating myths out in the world that are false. Some of them are so bad that I had to write about it to show you how they are holding guys like you back from dating the women you want. I’m going to show you how these myths are bad for your dating life and what to do about them.
1. Women want a nice guy.
You have heard and seen this plenty of times; Women saying they all want to date a nice guy, but then they all end up dating the jerk or bad boy. This paradox is as old as the Earth.
Women do want someone who can be nice to them, but also someone who can push their buttons and has strong boundaries. Nice guy lack the latter and that is why especially beautiful women don’t end up dating the nice guy. If you are one of the nice guys, try to tease girls more and fooling around with them. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but it works.
2. Dating should be fair.
This is a big one. I hear from guys all the time that the dating game should be fair; “I shouldn’t be doing all the pursuing and all the work.” If you recognize yourself, stop right now.
In the dating world, the guy has to be proactive about it. Just accept this. I didn’t make the world, I just live in it. You can’t expect for women to approach you and seduce you. When one does, it’s most likely a pro (and I’m not meaning a professional!).
You can also look at it differently. You have the option to pick the women you want to date. You are the one exercising the freedom of picking. Women don’t. They have to go through a lot of chumps and unfortunately sometimes they still can’t find the right guy.
3. Women hate to be approached.
There is this myth out there that says women hate to be approached. Nothing couldn’t be further from the truth. Why do you think it takes hours for women to get ready to go out at night? If friends want to have a conversation over a glass of wine, they can do that at home too.
Another popular excuse women use is so they can “dance.” Another excuse to masquerade why women really go out. The real reason women go out is to find a guy, just like you go out to find a girl. Don’t let these excuses women give fool you. The next time you see women out, keep in mind that they want to be approached and swept away. You can be that guy.
One of the reasons this myth is so established is because a lot of guys have no clue how to approach women and they do it in a terrible fashion. For example, using a pickup line does not work and it is the fastest way to get rejected. Instead, with the right fashion, body language, and the right thing to say you can start enjoying conversations with beautiful women. You just have to know the little insider tips from guys like me and other players.
Fortunately for you I have codified a system in my guide the Magic Bullets Handbook. You can learn a simple system for attracting and seducing women that you can use right away. In it, I will show you proven things you can say to start conversations and how to be confident. Have a look here.
Take care,
-Nick Savoy

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

There's This Girl at Work.....

 I know, I know. You should never dip your pen in company ink. I'm only gonna try to follow through with this because she is a temp and won't be around for long.

She's cute,a HB7, Asian,Young and Petite. Seeing as how my position at work keeps me constantly moving and busy, my interactions with her have been very short until today. I happened to share the same break with her in the lunch room. I opened her with something observational then switched to cocky/funny routines. I teased her a bit and did some push/pull to create attraction. I think went into qualification and after teasing her about being a boring girl, tried to see if she would qualify herself to me.

She says she is at home when not at work, but she is busy because she works all the time.  She refused to tell me what her other job was and said it's a secret. The only job I can think of for a young girl to make money at home is webcam modelling. Right away I tell her it has to be nude modelling,jokingly, with a smile on my face. She doesn't say no, but still won't spill the beans. I get her laughing and We're vibing good off of each other, then I shift my attention away from her and give it to others in the room.

 A little later I bump into her and tell her I want to hear more about her secret double life, she says maybe she'll tell me outside of work, but it really belongs outside of the work place. I have seen several IOI's (Indicators of Interest) from her. She overly laughs at my jokes, has been watching what I eat for lunch and will comment on it later, If I body rock away from her while talking to her she keeps stepping forward,ETC.

I want to at least number close her to progress things forward, but rushing that too soon would telegraph too much interest and she might not give up her number. Right now I'm treating it as Social Circle Game, something that PUA's Braddock and Mr. M specialize in. It's basically working on inner game and knowing that if you make a little progress with your target, it's ok because you'll see her again and can make even more progress over an extended period of time.

I think my best bet is to Kino her a little bit more and when she's comfortable, invite her to an outing first as opposed to a date. This way I can show off my social value with my friends,get them to wing me and tell her stories to increase my value, then take things from there.

I'll keep everyone updated.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Love Systems Bootcamp in Toronto.

This Friday,Saturday, and Sunday Love Systems will be holding a bootcamp in Toronto. It will be taught by Tenmagnet and Cajun. I had taken their bootcamp in January and found it very beneficial to anyone who wants to learn pickup or even how to become the best version of one's self. Both of these guys are genuine and are dedicated to helping students with all their sticking points and questions. It's pricey, but if you can afford it, check it out. Tenmagnet is very knowledgeable and an all around likeable guy. Cajun is one laid back,suave Mofo.

I had originally planned to practice my ass off after my bootcamp and see if I could bump into them this weekend when they went to different venues for the in-field training proportion of the bootcamp, and catch up. I didn't get much pickup practice in since January, because I do have a girl who is sort of a LTR, so that takes away the need to go out and practice, even though I know I am making up excuses for my laziness.

If you're out this Friday and Saturday night in Toronto at a venue between 10pm and 2am, you just might run into these guys. You'll know you're in the right place if you see 10-12 guys running around asking girls the same opinionated openers.

Good Luck to anyone who can attend or is attending :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Time To Get My Ass Into Shape!

 I've recently discovered a 24 hour gym that is not far from where I live. I believe I'm looking at only a 15 minute bus ride. Coincidentally this also happens to be the same gym a co-worker attends. It's $500.00 for 14 months. That sounds like an awesome price, but I don't have the spare $500.00 right now. I'll stop by there and check out the rates, hopefully I can pay month by month until I get the lump sum required. Before moving to Canada, I could squat 415lbs with free weights, I want to get my body back to that state.

 I'll keep everyone updated.


Monday, April 25, 2011


  I've never been the extremely popular type. I wasn't exactly a social reject either.
I always floated somewhere in the middle, sometimes stuck at home alone, sometimes partying it up with some of my best bro's and crew. While I never wanted to attain the popularity of the preppy kids at school, I did want to be well-known,adored, and generally liked by as many people as possible.

  I've watched for years as people in my social circle would have women and other men flock to them, hang on their every word, and talk about them when they weren't around. This kind of social value is what I've always wanted to attain. After a somewhat awkward long distance relationship via internet, I decided to move to another country. It was a big gamble, that ultimately saw things not working out with Me moving on, having to fend for myself in a country with no family and only a small support system.

  I decided enough was enough and a change was definitely overdue. I needed to improve myself, but I needed to take baby steps at first. I stumbled upon a dating coach by the name of Tariq Nasheed. I listened to countless Podcasts, Bought his books and soaked up as much game as I could. I still had several sticking points so doing a random search, I stumbled across Mystery as my first notion of a pickup/seduction community.  I eventually was lead by my research to The Attraction Forums.  I have never learned as much about multiple topics and facets of all around life as I have from their forums. These things I should have been taught during my upbringing. I should have been taught to be more social,to sign up for more activities/hobbies ( or at least have been forced to by my parents), to be more care-free, to think for myself, open mindedness.

  I knew to improve myself to what I felt was the best overall result,to find all of the things that I knew were missing from my life, that I should try to become a PUA. As a graduate of a Love Systems bootcamp, I feel that keeping a blog to track my progress would be crucial to my goal. I can see the mistakes I've made, get feedback, and correct bad behavior and keep moving forward. I'm suffering from studyitis and have not put in as much in-field training as I would have liked, hence why creating this blog should give me just a little bit more motivation to get things jump-started.