Monday, April 25, 2011


  I've never been the extremely popular type. I wasn't exactly a social reject either.
I always floated somewhere in the middle, sometimes stuck at home alone, sometimes partying it up with some of my best bro's and crew. While I never wanted to attain the popularity of the preppy kids at school, I did want to be well-known,adored, and generally liked by as many people as possible.

  I've watched for years as people in my social circle would have women and other men flock to them, hang on their every word, and talk about them when they weren't around. This kind of social value is what I've always wanted to attain. After a somewhat awkward long distance relationship via internet, I decided to move to another country. It was a big gamble, that ultimately saw things not working out with Me moving on, having to fend for myself in a country with no family and only a small support system.

  I decided enough was enough and a change was definitely overdue. I needed to improve myself, but I needed to take baby steps at first. I stumbled upon a dating coach by the name of Tariq Nasheed. I listened to countless Podcasts, Bought his books and soaked up as much game as I could. I still had several sticking points so doing a random search, I stumbled across Mystery as my first notion of a pickup/seduction community.  I eventually was lead by my research to The Attraction Forums.  I have never learned as much about multiple topics and facets of all around life as I have from their forums. These things I should have been taught during my upbringing. I should have been taught to be more social,to sign up for more activities/hobbies ( or at least have been forced to by my parents), to be more care-free, to think for myself, open mindedness.

  I knew to improve myself to what I felt was the best overall result,to find all of the things that I knew were missing from my life, that I should try to become a PUA. As a graduate of a Love Systems bootcamp, I feel that keeping a blog to track my progress would be crucial to my goal. I can see the mistakes I've made, get feedback, and correct bad behavior and keep moving forward. I'm suffering from studyitis and have not put in as much in-field training as I would have liked, hence why creating this blog should give me just a little bit more motivation to get things jump-started.